IMG_0510Being Orthodox Christians in the Ozarks is really no different from being Orthodox anywhere else in the world. Same Church, same doctrine, same Divine Liturgy, same God: everywhere present and filling all things. Living in the Ozarks just changes the flavor of our story a little.

My name is Michele Latham. I am many things, but primarily an Orthodox Christian and a mother. I have been living in the Ozarks for over 20 years and have been Orthodox for 18.  What I have discovered is that we seem to have a wealth of interesting, thinking people here in our little community and everyone has a story to tell about his Orthodox journey. I hope to share the knowledge and experiences of my brothers and sisters through interviews and guest posts which will appear on the  Our Stories page.

My friend and sister in Christ, Cheryl Anne Tuggle is an author and fellow struggler  living here in the Ozarks. Her writing is a beautiful composite of spiritual content together with the heartache and joy of  life on this earth. Her first published book is entitled, Unexpected Joy: A Novel.  Cheryl Anne’s contribution to this blog will be in the forms of poetry, essays and fictional pieces found under the tab From the Pen of Cheryl Anne.

By creating this blog, my aim is to share a glimpse of the eclectic group of people  living and worshiping here in the Ozarks. Theotokos, “Unexpected Joy” is the name of our little country church under the care of Archpriest,  Father Moses Berry. It is with his blessing that I am happy to welcome all interested readers to this blog.