How am I to do Laundry?

by Michele Latham

How am I to do Laundry after I’ve Seen a Weeping Icon?

This was my question after Hawaii’s Myrrh-Streaming Iveron Icon visited our church.The experience was beyond anything I could put intflower_and_clothespin_199412o words. The beauty of the icon, the sweetness of the service, the humble sincerity of all the clergy and people who came to venerate the miraculous icon.  And the fragrance! The scent of heaven! Time seemed suspended that morning. I don’t think any of us wanted to leave the church after the service concluded. I know that none wanted the icon to leave! We wanted to stay in that moment when the Holy spirit and the Mother of God were so real. We wanted to be together with our  brothers and sisters talking about what we had experienced. As we drove home, we messaged each other. What a blessed day!  My car is permeated with the scent of roses!

I told many of my non-Orthodox friends about that day. I let them smell my myrrh drenched cotton swab and gave them paper copies of the icon. And I was so happy.  But I was left with that question: how do I go to work, go shopping, engage in everyday life when something so miraculous has touched me?
I got my answer from a variety of sources. My patient husband, a dear friend and my priest, Fr. Moses. Sometimes it takes several doses of information for me to absorb the meaning.

This is what I now understand: the visit from the Iveron Icon was miraculous, but I shouldn’t think of it as a singular event. The veil between heaven and earth is thinner than we sometimes realize. An equally tangible manifestation of heaven takes place during the Eucharist every Sunday. When we receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ, there is no greater miracle. I am working to recognize and be more grateful that I am allowed to participate in this awesome event on a regular basis.

I will never forget the amazing day we were visited by the Iveron Icon. But now I  know  I must remember that marvels surround us. From an unexplained healing, to Holy Communion, to the grateful look in a brother’s face when you offer a helping hand…God is everywhere present.   Let’s strive to love one another as we go about our daily tasks, watching all the time for the blessed heavenly signs.


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